Author - Noah Harrel

Features Editor


Oregon Roots

Oregon is a place that, much like the trees, is rooted. Rooted in nature, rooted in the past, for better and for worse. About 10 miles South of Portland Oregon...


A Melting Glacier

Hiking is an unnecessary activity. It comes from a surplus of time and a desire to travel to a destination while receiving nothing in return. There’s no pot of...


TPUSA Denied But Not Stopped

Logan Kolssak, a senior marketing major, said it took him three years to find people on Point Loma Nazarene University’s campus who support his political...

Community Features

A Dream on Wheels

Tucked away just off Clairemont Mesa Boulevard is a little magical parking lot where adults go to escape from the real world for a couple of hours. The side...

COVID-19 News

Welcome to Red Tier: Now What?

Red. It’s a color that nowadays induces feelings of freedom and a sense of normalcy. Red has been on the minds of almost everyone living on Point Loma Nazarene...