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8 Napping Spots on Campus: COVID-19 Edition

McCullough Park Trees. All images from Noah Harrel

Even after Renewal Week and Point Loma Nazarene University’s first mental health day, many students may still need to just take a nap. But, where is one to nap when a pandemic limits access to Ryan Library’s couches on the first floor and the coveted third floor sleeping paradise? Look no further than the great outdoors! Beautiful days with calm breezes and amazing views to lull you to sleep make tough competition for the old library spots. Here’s a guide to the best outdoor napping spots on PLNU’s campus and how to enjoy them.

Alumni Lawn Trees
  1. Alumni Lawn trees

Birds harmoniously chirping in the trees is the only sound breaking the silence on the Alumni Lawn, perfect for those who need just a little bit of ambient noise to lull them to sleep. This tree in particular is the closest to the parking lot and has the least amount of dirt near the base, providing a surprisingly comfy spot to lounge. The area itself is just far enough out of the way to ensure a certain amount of serenity during most parts of the day.

Alcoves at Prescott Prayer Chapel
  1. Alcoves at Prescott Prayer Chapel

These wonderful little bushed-off areas are presumably designed to give a little bit of privacy for conversations outside the prayer chapel. This privacy is ideal for anyone insecure about napping in public. Bring a pillow and lay across the rocks spaced out perfectly to support your back and feet. The very last alcove has a rock configuration most suited for napping.

Wasson Seaview Terrace Bench
  1. Wasson Seaview Terrace bench

Right before the archway leading to the tables at the Wasson Seaview Terrace at Latter Hall lies a bench. This bench is never occupied, probably because if you walk 10 more feet you can take a seat at a table and join a Zoom call while enjoying the view and breeze. But, this bench is a godsend for STEM majors who just want somewhere close to their lab to crash for a few minutes. A pillow or backpack and an absolutely exhausted body and mind provide the best experience. 

Lawn Outside Ryan Library
  1. Lawn outside Ryan Library

Got a few minutes before taking a coronavirus test at the upper Ryan Library lawn? The lower lawn is here for you! This is by far one of the most well maintained small lawns on campus with green cushy grass and minimal weeds. A slightly overcast day provides just the right amount of shade where one can kill time and/or gather saliva to dump into a vial upstairs.

The Greek
  1. The Greek

No outdoor nap spot list would be complete without mentioning the Greek Amphitheater. This place begs to be napped at. After careful investigation, the best spot to nap is directly beneath the light pole on the right (facing the ocean). There is a divot in the ground about five feet in circumference that was most definitely made with napping in mind. Grab a dense sociology or biblical textbook and start reading. Give it a few pages, the tiredness will come. Set down the book. Close your eyes. Blissful sleep.

Lawn Chair to the right of the Greek
  1.  Lawn chair to the right of the Greek

To find this hidden gem of napping spots, approach the stairs leading down into the Greek on the far right. Walk past them onto the dirt and wood chips. There (should) lie a blue lawn chair overlooking the track and baseball field. Why is there a lone chair off the beaten path? No one knows, but experienced nappers just take blessings like this as they come. A perfect afternoon would involve an Ortiz’s California burrito, orange Jarritos, this lawn chair and the view. The nap that will follow the consumption of this meal at this spot will be legendary.

Wide Based Tree in front of the Golden Gym
  1. Wide based tree in front of the Golden Gymnasium

The pine needles may look intimidating, and for good reason: They can hurt. This napping spot is only for the committed few. Shorts and yoga pants are ill-advised here — approach with jeans or thicker pants. The tree you’re looking for is to the left of the last flight of stairs going down to the gym. The wide base is fantastic for leaning against and the shade provided by the massive tree is a game changer. This spot is recommended for heavy sleepers since it is one of the more populated areas.

McCullough Park Trees
  1. McCullough Park trees

When entering McCullough Park, take the left side of the loop and walk almost to the end where the benches are. Before the path starts to curve and loop around on the left are these three trees. They are ginormous and cannot be missed. The one furthest away from the path is the spot. Have a lot on your mind? Take a seat, let the two tree sentinels watch over you as your troubles drift away with the wind blowing softly through the trees. Naps in this place will rarely be disturbed as the beauty and silence here is held with the utmost respect by those passing through.

By: Noah Harrel