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Professional PLNU Media Alums back in Class via Skype

This past semester, Point Loma Nazarene University students in the Com150 (Introduction to Media Communication) class had the privilege of hearing from about a dozen different successful media professionals, most of which were PLNU alumni. The class is taught by Dr. Alan Hueth, who brought in these professionals so that his freshman and sophomore students could get a big-picture view of how they can use their journalism, broadcast journalism, or media communication degrees to get jobs in all kinds of different areas of the media.

One of the most popular alumni was Jason Carter (media communication, 2004). Carter worked at DreamWorks then at Disney where he held the position of director of stereography — a title that only a handful of people in the world have. He now works for Microsoft, where he is in charge of the development of the HoloLens, the first fully self-contained holographic computer enabling people to interact with high‑definition holograms.

“This technology” Carter said, “will change the world.” Carter also spent a lot of his Skype call with the class talking about his faith journey and how he really believes that his faith in Christ has been a key component in his professional success.

Students were also able to meet a number of other alums, including Sherine Ebrahimi, who is now the director of marketing for NBC Universal in Chicago; Andie Adams, a digital media producer at NBC San Diego; and Christina Lopez, former associate producer at NBC News and 20/20 in New York. Lopez is now a reporter and anchor in Bakersfield. Each alumnus shared their PLNU and professional experiences they’ve had over the years. Hueth also brought in professionals that work international advertising, corporate media, and religious media — including PLNU graduates who are now leaders of mega-church media departments.

Hueth said “it is so cool to see the number of different places that our graduates go”.

By bringing in these professionals, students can get an idea of what their options are and help them to form a better understanding of the different professional prospects they have in the media.

The Introduction to Media Communication class teaches the history of the media combined with the different systems of the media, but actually bringing in professionals allows students to make connections and get inspiration for working in many different areas of the media. Hueth also confessed that he had another motive for this approach.

Hueth said “Basically I created a course that I wish I would’ve had when I was in college.”

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