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10 things you missed at the Grammys

When current editor Katie Callahan got a hold of me to write this and said, “You’re one of the few people I know who really gets into this...


Oscar Watch: Whiplash Review

The experience of watching “Whiplash” feels a lot like putting a rubber band on your wrist and slowly continuing to pull it back slowly: The tension rises to...


PLNU professor revamps ‘Dr. Faustus’

PLNU will play home to the seven deadly sins this week in Salomon Theatre in Christopher Marlowe’s story of Dr. Faustus. The play, “The Tragical History of the...


Top 10 most anticipated movies of 2015

There are quite a few movies slated for release in 2015 that have all types of movie-goers excited. There are some projects that were in development for years...


Top music and movies finish out 2014

As another year nears its end, critics, music lovers and moviegoers alike reflect on the best films and music 2014 had to offer. Here are some student’s...