Fashion Embraces the Beauty of Being an Individual

It’s that time of year again. The runways are full of life and the New York streets of Time Square are filled with the boldest fashion statements that any normal person would probably not wear. This year it was a little different. Instead of crazy statements being made with abnormal outfits worn by famous people, Time Square was filled with a bunch of people in all white painter suits. One of the people in a painter suit was senior broadcast journalism major Davis Bourgeois.

I got the privilege of asking Davis a couple of questions about what this year’s fashion week was like and how she was involved. Davis was involved in NYFW (New York Fashion Week) with a company called FTL Moda, a sales showroom that is located in Time Square. FTL Moda set out to make a statement this year by having a bunch of fashion lovers get together in Time Square. Each wore a white painter suit to bring to everyone’s attention that anything can be fashion as long as it is true to yourself.

This year, designers did just that with their runway looks. Everything from simple classic looks by Marie Claire’s bell sleeved belt combinations to the very monochromatic designs of Tom Ford. This year’s fashion week was definitely one to embrace the true self. Designers and models alike were not only a surprise to the audiences that were watching the shows but to the fashion community as well. Designs were paired with the unexpected model at various shows, showing the growth in the modeling world.

There were also a bunch of memorable debuts for many new designers. One of the shows that stood out the most among the others was the Indonesian Diversity show. The designers that contributed to the show all wanted to embrace the culture of Muslim women’s apparel, bringing light to not only the diversity of the culture but the beauty of the look itself. Many other designers were able to draw from the everyday person and make something ordinary into something extraordinary.

It looks the main focus of this year and next year in the fashion community will be to embrace yourself and to be bold in the things that you wear. It will be interesting to see what designers here in San Diego have in store for us as we prepare for our fashion week in October.


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