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A&E Fashion

14 looks to sum up Fashion Week SD

Fashion Week SD leave you wanting more? Well, here’s the latest photo spreads courtesy of your editors from Wednesday through Friday of Fashion Week. 33...


PLNU band showcased over summer

Last summer junior James Spaite and four of his friends, Nikolaas Top, Savannah Walters, Megan Geiger and Sergey Koliyayko, formed a band and took to the road...


Breaking the Binge, Netflix, that is

Okay, season one, episode one of Game of Thrones. Not bad, so the next night it’s on to episode two. Then, why not watch three at a time because there are a...


Phil Wickham goes back to local roots

Phil Wickham returned to his hometown, San Diego, to perform songs from his new album titled “Ascension” at Crawford High School on September 18...