Where in the world are our graduates?

While the spring semester has only just begun, chances are that if you’re a senior you’ve been asked the dreaded question of: “What are your plans for after graduation?”

Well have no fear, because we’ve reached out to the Office of Strengths and Vocations to find out where most of our recent graduates are landing jobs. So listen up seniors, and everyone else too, because it’s never too early to job hunt or apply for internships!

Here are the top companies where PLNU alumni can be found, listed in no particular order:

Jack in the Box . Yes it’s your typical fast food restaurant but there are also many opportunities within the corporation like public relations.

Gordon Rush. It is in fact as classy as the name sounds. The company is a leading designer for men’s footwear and accessories.

Regus. They create products and services to meet their customer’s needs however, whenever, or wherever. The site might as well be called, anything for your regal heinous.

Aaron Chang. This definitely fits in with the Point Loma vibe of hipster. They are an art company that captures life in motion, specifically with surfing.

Carefusion. They are a global medical technology corporation that serves the health care industry.

Capital Real Estate Ventures. The name speaks for itself, but they are a real estate company that focuses on properties valued from one million to 20 million.

Stratford Partners. Once again, real estate seems to be a common job market for PLNU grads.

Torrey Cove. The company works with clients to create customized investment solutions that, yes you guessed it, benefits the client.

SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command). This company looks like something you’d see in the latest Netflix series. They provide top- notch software needed to execute Navy missions.

La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. Who wouldn’t want to work here and look out at the beach each day?

GLA (Global Leadership Adventures). They plan adventures abroad for students.

Classy.org. Interesting name for the supposedly “number one” online and mobile fundraising platform.

Lennd. It’s an online site that helps people plan events and get more work done by tracking tasks and easier communication.

Petbox. It could be defined as those well-known Graze boxes but for your pets. I guess everyone needs a little TLC once in a while.

EY. That is in fact their full name with the slogan “building a better working world.” EY is a global leader helping entrepreneurs and other businesses.

Moss Adams. They are one of the fifteen largest public accounting firms in the United States according to their website.

Deloitte. They provide audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services.

CBIZ. They are a professional service company that provides business services and solutions focused on the client’s success.

Lindsay. This company focuses on providing irrigation and infrastructure solutions as the population grows.

Northwest Mutual. We’ve all probably seen the commercials for this life insurance company.

Plant with Purpose. They work in 435 communities worldwide bringing hope out of poverty and creating a lasting change.



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