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Daniel Holcomb is a father, business owner, and PLNU alumni who is now one of the leaders of the coffee industry in San Diego. Holcomb started Coffee and Tea Collective in 2012 and a year ago expanded into their second location.

The first store front, in North Park, has a minimalist and modern feel that accompanies the helpful staff. The seating options are limited to a few tables and a bar where you can watch the employees make your coffee.

Holcomb’s life is often as busy as his stores so The Point was able to catch up with him via email.

The Point: When did you start thinking that maybe coffee could be something you want to pursue as a career?

Daniel: I graduated December 2008, got accepted into a Master’s program at the University of Sussex. In 2009 I declined that invitation and then travelled

to Southeast Asia with the goal of getting a job in economic development. Instead of taking a job there I took an opportunity to start a coffee shop back in San Diego. The short answer is that the coffee career pursued me.

The Point: Where did you learn to roast?

Daniel: I went to Boot Coffee Consulting in Mill Valley. Then many hours of practice underneath a 92106 carport.

The Point: When did Coffee & Tea Collective first open?

Daniel: Started roasting in 2010, opened the first location Spring 2012. Second location Winter 2015.

The Point: What does a typical day look like for you?

Daniel: Never a dull moment, always changing, caught between a rock and a hard place.

The Point: As the coffee industry has grown rapidly in the last few years, how has Coffee & Tea Collective been able to be successful?

Daniel: This is an interesting question. We [at C&TC] look up to an always changing list of individuals, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, companies and copy in part what they do and improve on what they’ve done based on the expertise of other industry leaders.

My answer to a question like, “Do you think your success at C&TC has been a proponent in the rapid growth that San Diego’s coffee industry has experienced in the last few years?” would be yes, absolutely. We’ve been successful because of the loyal support of our customers, San Diego based and worldwide.

The Point: What is your favorite drink?

Daniel: I start with an espresso, then move into a cappuccino, and end my experience with a drip coffee.

The Point: You’ve expanded to a second store, what brought about that change?

Daniel: We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Consortium

Holdings San Diego’s top restaurant group. We wanted to get to know an- other neighborhood of San Diego.

The Point: How has it been to grow a family and a business at the same time?

Daniel: It has been difficult to do both. I’ve missed out on a great deal. SO much changes for a baby in the first year of life. It is the same for our second location.

The Point: What is next for Coffee & Tea Collective?

Daniel: Plain and simple: we’re bringing avocado toast to North Park, serving iced espresso drinks, and decaf espresso is on our secret menu. Ask for it. It tastes as good as it ever could.

The Point: More specifically, what is next for you?

Daniel: I’ve stepped down from a daily operations position and taken on a more big picture role at C&TC. Keeping eyes and ears wide open for the next window of opportunity.



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