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10 Ways You Know Your College Roommates Will Be Forever Friends


1. They know how to handle your “moods”.
Everything from the praises to the pits and to the days where you “just can’t,” they know what is best for you. Whether it’s bringing you coffee, giving you space, or throwing an impromptu dance party, they know just what to do to keep you grounded.

2. They share with you.
Whether it’s shampoo, coffee, toothpaste, leftovers, their closet, you name it, they can relate to being a college student trying to make the same tube of toothpaste last all year long.

3. They will sit with you for hours dreaming about the future.
When the best studying distraction is sitting on the floor of your room daydreaming about your future home, job, wedding, family, aspirations and world travels.

4. They love you no matter what (bad dance moves and all).
Despite all of your crazy ideas, bad dance moves, nightly facemasks, and weird sleeping habits, they will always be right by your side laughing at you.

5. They keep you accountable.
They tell you to get off Instagram when you should be studying, or remind you that you haven’t showered in four days. They even tell you things like, “No Shave November was over two weeks ago. I think it’s time to shave your legs.”

6. They tell you when your outfit doesn’t match.
Honesty is the key to any lifelong friendship. I mean, they just want to make sure you aren’t caught wearing your socks and sandals down caf lane.

7. Your family loves them as a son or daughter.
Bringing your roommates home means an even better home-cooked meal than you’ve ever received in your eighteen years of living at home.

8. They comfort you in times of need.
Between midterm stress, the death of a loved one, homesickness, break-ups or simply your favorite sports team losing the game last weekend, sometimes all you need is a hug.

9. When the best part of your day is coming back to your room.
They welcome you with a flood of hugs and excitement just to see you and hear about your day.

10. Best of all, they walk with you in your relationship with the Lord.
There’s nothing better than having your roommates as best friends as well as brothers and sisters in Christ who fearfully pursue God.

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