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Student Senate moves forward with Holistic Spirituality Committee

Student Senate plans to help PLNU students receive chapel credits for on-campus events that “allow students to grow spiritually.”

Last Thursday, ASB Student Senate held their first forum for 44 minutes where it was announced that they are working to get chapel credits for students who attend events such as D-Groups, Created Space, Wiley Lectures, Brewed Awakening and Discipleship Ministries.

ASB Vice President Austin Flanagan, Sophomore Senators Matthew Januzik and Tenely Griffin along with Junior Senator Anna Viettry, were present.

Senior Senator Martin Blaho was absent from the ASB Forum.

For Flanagan and the other Senate members, one of the main topics for the forum was how to get students more involved on campus. No students showed up to the forum, which made the senators consider ways to re- vamp the forums.

Sophomore Senator and D-Group leader Matthew Januzik said he talked to Associate Director of Chaplaincy Ministries Melanie Wolf and D- Group Intern Jesse Oleson about the chapel credit idea in order to get their feedback.

Viettry said the implementations of these events aren’t supposed to de- crease the value of chapel, but to give students more options to grow.

Viettry explained that the new program is meant to make personal growth easier for students and increase participation in on-campus events.

“[It’s] not to downplay chapel, but to give people other options,” said Viettry. “[We’re] using this to complete the mission statement by getting people to attend events.”

Flanagan reiterated Viettry’s thoughts but added that the program could offer students a different type of experience.
“[This will] allow student to grow spiritually, but in different ways,” said Flanagan. “It will allow us to foster a different kind of spiritual growth.”

The senators also talked about how they’re working on an Education- al Campaign which will teach students about the effects of not sustaining resources, TEDx Talks—an informational short ‘talk’ dedicated to spreading powerful messages–extending resident hall’s open hours and freshmen retention rates.

Flanagan said the idea behind ‘freshmen retention rates’ is to make sure students are enjoying their time at PLNU.

“[Junior Senator]Maegan Chalmers lost a lot of her friends freshmen year[due to a bad experience] and wanted to make sure other students are a having a satisfactory experience on campus,” Flanagan said.

About fifteen minutes into the forum, Flanagan debated with the senators on whether they should continue doing the ASB forums.

Griffin said the Senator could send out emails as way to communicate to the student body if people are not coming to the forums.

Flanagan said that Student Senate advertised using chapel slides, Loma Links, posters and the Toilet Paper. Ashley Downer, Flanagan’s assistant, said the senators should continue to get the word out on the forums.

Flanagan said he wants to ensure that Student Senate is using their timely wisely.

“I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time,” said Flanagan. “Maybe we could cancel the next two forum meetings for this month.”

Viettry also questioned the value of the ASB forum’s if no one is attending.

“We might not be getting a good discussion if students aren’t willing to come,” said Viettry.

The decision on whether to continue the forums this month is currently being discussed, but the senators will continue working on their projects.

Anyone wishing to give their input, can go to a Student Senate meeting which are held on Mondays in Fermanian 104 from 5-7 p.m.


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