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Take the Plunge: Potty Appraisal

Bathrooms in Gym

1/4 Plunger

White walls, brown floors and fluorescent bulbs create a horrific lighting scenario for anyone trying to look at least alive. This bathroom will make any tan disappear into a sickly, pale cloak. If the goal is to find a hidden pimple or dark circles under eyes, then this is the mirror to look in. For all the make-up artists out there, try another bathroom because no amount of concealer, foundation or contouring is going to protect any face that comes in contact with that mirror. Besides the terrible lighting, the humidity, made up of the hard-working athletes’ breath and sweat, provides for a sauna-like atmosphere (not the good kind). When one uses this bathroom, they must keep a careful eye out for long-legged, winged creatures lurking on the walls just above the porcelain seats.

Bathrooms in Nicholson Commons

3/4 Plungers

For a quick stop to “drop off some lumber” on the way to class, this bathroom can be a great spot. It’s right next to Bobby B’s, so it’s easy to get some help if needed to complete the deed. But when lunch rolls around, lines can grow and snake out of this bathroom and down the hallway, which means awkwardly standing next to five other girls each on their phone avoiding any form of human communication. Now, this bathroom has the perk of being right next to a water filling station as well as Breakers Market, so that earns it another plunger for efficiency’s sake.

Bathrooms in Latter Hall Lower Level

3/4 Plungers

The hall down to these bathrooms is something straight out of a murderous mad man’s basement. The echoes of shoes clacking down this dark concrete tube will send shivers straight down the spine. But there is a tile-filled light at the end of this tunnel (that didn’t make any sense). The bathroom was just renovated along with the new science building, making these bathrooms sleek and modern. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, these precious porcelains are kept in an air-conditioned room, making one’s business ventures a pleasant experience, especially when looking to escape the harsh rays of the San Diego sun. But the grey stall doors stay closed at all times, so caution is necessary when opening the door.

Bathrooms in Ryan Learning Center

2.5/4 Plungers

This is a bathroom that is perfect during chapel or during dead times of the afternoon. Now, this bathroom does take a terrible turn right before the 11 a.m. classes. Four classrooms of 40 people makes for many girls needing to relieve themselves of the morning coffees and teas. This means a line will form with at least four girls waiting at a time. Backpacks clutter the pink tiled shelf on the inside of the doorways, making entrances and exits of the bathroom very tight (and awkward). Another downside to this bathroom is the airflow. Since the door points into a corner, the air gets trapped inside with no way out. This means that if one girl decides to go…um…number two, then the malodorous stench will linger in this porcelain prison and creep into the noses of the next guest to walk in.

Bathrooms in Bond Academic Center

4/4 Plungers


This bathroom is great for anyone looking for a private pottying experience. Bond is an easy access for any student walking down Caf Lane. With a table to put backpacks on, clutter seems nonexistent. The stalls are roomy, and the BAC has a hidden treasure within the bathroom. There is an extra-large stall in the back of the bathroom. It is large enough to need its own light. It is a prime place to bring a blanket and pillow and lie down for a while (actually, don’t do that). Also, it is an excellent find for those looking to make a costume change during the day. If privacy and roominess is what you seek, along with some extra Febreze, then look to Bond for your bathroom needs.


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