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Standoff of the week: Humans vs. Zombies

Students participated in humans versus zombies, a simulated “zombie apocalypse” September 24-26. No one was injured.


“It can weird carrying around nerf swords and weapons. Those that took it to Liberty Station are awesome,” said sophomore Irena Lundell, this year’s organizer and zombie.


“I’m about to go eat; I’ve been fasting for about a week. We went on minimal food, paranoia, studying odd places and never leaving the room, awkward moments of swords sticking out of the room and hitting walls randomly that we thought were people,” said Logan Morin, a human.

“They can laugh, but we won this,” Anna Boecker said.

“Three zombies were waiting outside my class so I didn’t go,” said David Graham, a human.

HUMANS WHO WON: Logan Morin, Anna Boecker, David Graham, Evan Coklin and Daniel Grady.








Pictured: Kat Potter, Elizabeth Klim, Rhys Lee, Sedona Sherrera, Zac Lindsey, Katy Smale, Tyler Ellison, Laura Skinner, Irena Lundell, Ellen Huang, Justin Morin, Justine Duyst, Kaitlyn Purlington, Aaron McKinstry, Peter Erberich and Caleb Daniels.

Photos by Melanie Voigt