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Black Student Union holds first barbecue of the year, Taste of Soul

Catered by Jones Brothers BBQ, the Black Student Union BBQ event was a chance to enjoy deliciously prepared food while meeting new faces and catching up with familiar ones. After dinner was blessed by the BSU leadership team at 6:00, students jumped in the buffet line of rolls, pulled pork, brisket, macaroni and cheese, ribs and and an assortment of other comfort foods. Students found seating primarily outside on patio in between the Fermanian buildings. Approximately 50-85 students filtered in and out of the event throughout the night. Dr. Jeffrey Carr made an appearance.

The club’s president, Lorren Comeaux said BSU focuses on what students have in common.

“We find fellowship to be a great way to encourage dialogue and connectedness,” Comeaux said.

The club viewed this past week’s events as a success and looks forward to including more students in their annual Civil Rights Pilgrimmage where students retrace the footsteps of civil rights leaders in Atlanta, Alabama, and Tennessee.

“We plan to continue to share culturally based activities with our community here at Loma!” she said.

Students play the “Who Am I” game at Thursday night’s barbecue where the person asks questions about the label on their back to try to guess who they are.