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Captured: Life at Loma in 2020-2021

First-year student Katie Morris photographed life on campus during the 2020-2021 academic year. Here are a few of the moments she captured:

June 2021: First year biology majors Trevor Richardson, Brianne Camarena and Kendall Cherry walk back from studying for their biology final.
September 2020: First-year organizational communication major Grace Wisenor catches a wave off of Sunset Cliffs.
June 2021: A group of PLNU students celebrate their last Sunday on campus by having a get together on Sunset Cliffs.
June 2021: The last Time Out of the academic year, held in Brown Chapel.
October 2020: A popular study break for many students this past year would be to surf along the cliffs. Pictured at sunset, these students cheered on their friend as they caught a wave.
June 2021: A group of PLNU students play night tennis at the tennis courts, a popular pastime for many.
November 2020: Friday Nights at the Greek, a worship and fellowship group led by first-year students Dean Maas, Katie Coil, Abby Marsh and Carter Taylor.
June 2021: First-year commercial music composition major Gabe Tacklind (left) is serenaded by his roommate, first-year biology major Trevor Richardson (right), in their dorm.

By: Katie Morris