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Date: Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Written By: Scott Brown


Coastline News has been a staple among the Point TV lineup for years, but several big changes are coming its way in the spring of 2017.

“The only thing that’s the same about Coastline is the name,” says Producer Davis Bourgeois, “Talent is new, crew is new, and even the setup is new.”

These were not the only things that Bourgeois said is going to be new about Coastline this semester though, “we have new graphics, new backgrounds, reporters in the field, and even Twitter handles [for the talent].”

To many, these changes may seem superficial, but to those who work on this show, whether they be broadcast journalism majors or media communications majors, these changes can possibly help them get a job in the future. “It pushes people early on to be more professional,” says Bourgeois, “which is why I think that Point Loma has such a successful rate of people getting jobs right out college.

“A handful of us have been offered jobs during senior year because of how much this show has done for us and our future,” continued Bourgeois. Students that work on Coastline and other shows like this are able to use their work on their reels, which they submit to employers as an addition to their resume.

“We don’t go into the professional world and make our mistakes there,” Assistant Producer Dana Williams added on, “We spend four years here [at Point Loma] making all of our mistakes.” Making mistakes during shows like Coastline is something that is absolutely necessary for a student in the broadcast journalism and media communications fields and it is better to learn and make mistakes while producing Coastline, than in the professional world.

Students don’t only learn about one or two jobs though, they go through the process for everything in the studio. “We get to do everything,” says Bourgeois said with more enthusiasm than she previously had. “We get the hands-on experience,” Williams added, “we get to do it live and learn from our mistakes.”

Coastline News has been a constant in the Point TV programming schedule and with all of the changes that it is going through this semester; students are able to learn even more about what it takes to become a professional.


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