PLNU Students Look Fresh and Go Green with Second-hand Clothing Sale

Last week, thrift stores around Point Loma Nazarene University got a break from the attention of PLNU students as avid thrifters on campus turned their focus in another direction.

On Tuesday, March 22, the Activities and Recreation Center on campus (the ARC) hosted another installation of “thrifting in the ARC.” This is the second time the ARC has held this event, the first time being earlier this semester.

More than a dozen student vendors gathered in the ARC, located on the lower level of Nicholson Commons, and set up tables filled with clothing that they wanted to sell. As music played over the speakers, students gathered and shopped from the various vendors.

Emmeline Roney, a third-year social work major, was a first-time vendor who heard about the event from a friend and knew she wanted to participate.

“I’ve had so many clothes in my garage for so long,” she said. “And now I get to repurpose them.”

Cami Landreth, a second-year graphic design major, also saw the event as an opportunity to clean out her closet, give her old clothes new homes and make some extra money.

“I price [my clothes] based on the fact that these are college students who probably aren’t prepared to spend too much money,” she said. “At least I’m getting something.”

This event was run by Gracie Hinz, a third-year dietetics major, who has worked at the ARC for a year and a half and currently serves as the student ARC manager.

She came up with the idea after observing how much PLNU students love to thrift and realizing that not all students are able to go to local thrift stores.

“Freshmen don’t have cars, so they can’t just drive to Goodwill,” said Hinz. “The idea was like, why not have an outlet on campus?”

Hinz thinks the event is so popular because of the fact that thrifting and fashion are such an important part of the school’s culture.

“People are obviously stoked to be able to sell and buy,” Hinz said.

Josh Ching, a third year psychology major and future ASB President, was excited that Loma students could build community at this event.

“It’s so fun to be able to gather together and get some sick new clothes and enjoy each other’s company,” Ching said.

However, this event also had positive impacts beyond simply refreshing students’ wardrobes.

Katrina Cloyes, a third-year psychology major and sustainability minor, is committed to combating the effects of the fast fashion industry in her own life and appreciates that the “thrift in the ARC” event is a step in a greener direction.

“I think it’s really important to uplift those who are trying to promote sustainable habits,” Cloyes said. “It’s really cool that our campus cares so much about sustainability and it’s cool that we care so much about thrifting.”

Students who want to buy or sell in the future can look forward to another installation of this event in the upcoming fall semester.

For now, as they keep thrifting on and off campus, PLNU students continue to prove that they can care about the planet and look good doing it.

Written By: Annalise Peterson