Wrapping Up the 2022 PLNU ASB Elections

ASB Elections. Photo courtesy of Ella Malone

The buzz of the Point Loma Nazarene University Associated Student Body elections began during the last week of February. The PLNU campus began to see posters all over the cafeteria, classrooms and common spaces. 

According to the PLNU ASB website, “The ASB Board of Directors is a group of eight students who were chosen to represent the student body of Point Loma.”

The students running had about four days to conduct a campaign. All students of PLNU have the power to decide who is on the board. 

“I formulated a campaign that showed my strengths and experience. I wanted students to see my passion for organization and bringing people together,” said Andrea D’Paola, a second-year biology major, who ran for executive secretary. 

“Each campaign was different and unique to the person running,” D’Paola said. 

“I centered my campaign around trying to introduce myself to as many students as I could, whomever I came across, and inviting them to find their home on campus, whether that be in student government or another club or group at Point Loma…..even with the results of the election, I believe I achieved that,” said Maddy Tucker, a second-year political science major with a focus in pre-law. 

PLNU students voted electronically on February 28 through a link created by the ASB. 

In her email, current ASB president Ella Malone said that “The ballot closes at midnight tonight and next year’s Board of Directors will be announced later this week.” 

“I would like to hear from the students first and see what their priorities are first, then go from there, engaging with students just by being a relational person. I will try my best to go out of my way to engage with students and get to know them, whatever may be on their hearts,” said Josh Ching, a third-year psychology major with a minor in youth and family ministry. 

Students, faculty and staff awaited the results. On March 1, 2022 ASB president Ella Malone announced that there was a runoff election for the position of president. 

“I had great conversations with students and staff who were excited for the future of the school and who were able to speak to things that they would like to see change. As a woman, I was honored and proud to even advance to the run-offs. That felt like a huge win,” said Lydia Sunberg, a third-year international studies major. 

The results of the PLNU ASB elections were announced via social media on Thursday, March 3, 2022. 

“Although I did not win, I learned so much and gained so much experience with being outgoing, having the courage to break out of my comfort zone, public speaking in front of large crowds, and gaining more confidence in my abilities,” Tucker said. “I will run again in the future. It was a stressful, yet fun and life-giving experience.”

Congratulations to Josh Ching (President), Lauren McCandless (Vice President), Nathan Shoup (Director of Student Relations), McKayla Krolczyk (Director of Finance), Judith Hernandez (Director of Spiritual Life), Kurt Parr (Director of School Spirit), Andrea D’Paola (Executive Secretary) and Brennan Zeigler (Director of Activities and Marketing).

Written By: Kareen Boyadjian