Loma Live – PLNU’s First Live Comedy Extravaganza

Point Loma had its first live comedy hosted by Point TV, PLNU’s on campus TV station. The show was two hours long in the ARC. Point TV staff reeted students at the door with Chipotle and music. Approximately 100 students and a couple faculty members filled the room to watch the live taping.

The idea for a comedy show came about at one of Point TV’s manager meetings.

“We were looking into adding an event this year to better publicize and interact with the student body,” said Caleb Daniels, junior media communications major and Point TV station manager.

Free food contributed to the gathering in the ARC.

“We were just walking by and then were told there was free Chipotle so we came in,” said Jane Webster, a junior applied health major.

At 8p.m., the show started.

Ricky Zollinger, senior media communications major, and alum Sam Bravo hosted the night.

Zollinger and Bravo told jokes with images displayed on two small televisions. Some of the jokes were the top Halloween costumes featuring Chinese take-out or the Senate – a girl in a dress shaped like a house.

Between jokes were commercial breaks where Point TV members would raffle off prizes. Dumb and Dumber sweatshirts and movie tickets were given out for weirdest talent or best dance moves.

After the commercial break, Jack French, a junior music major, guest starred by singing original songs.

Two screens on either sides of the stage where the show took place played thirty-second spoofs from reality shows like The Walking Dead, Pokémon, or Loma, based off Lost.

Point Breaking Bad, another spoof, is based on Breaking Bad where there is a meth lab behind the PBC. “I liked Point Breaking Bad the most,” said Osbaldo Aguiliar, sophomore biochemistry major.

“My hope is that people enjoyed themselves tonight and that we put on a great show,” said Daniels.

Point TV staff spent hours preparing for the live comedy show and were pleased at the turn out.

They had really cool prizes and the guys hosting it were funny. I enjoyed tonight,” said Webster.