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San Diego food finds: Unique Dining Experiences

Every now and then, a restaurant will pop up with a certain gimmick or theme to attract customers: animatronic mascots, thematic decor or a special way of serving or preparing food. This little list highlights the restaurants that have found something that works in addition to serving great food altogether. Some restaurants have been on previous lists.

Under $10

A Shrine to All
Lucha Libre 1810 Washington St.

That is Lucha Mexican wrestling masks and memorabilia line the walls, the restaurant itself is themed like a wrestling ring and all of the food will put your taste buds into submission (in the good way). I challenge you to eat either The Undefeated Seafood, Surfin’ California, or Full Nelson Enchiladas in one sitting. It is no easy feat.

Completely Custom Burgers
Crazee Burger 4201 30th St.

Meat lovers rejoice! This burger joint serves a large range of meats that are hard to come by, including antelope, venison and ostrich! The burgers are large and messy and the sides are good enough to stand on their own.

Under $20

Build Your Perfect Meal
Stacked 7007 Friars Rd.

No waiters here, all your orders are made electronically. Every table is outfitted with a locked iPad that acts as your menu, your waiter and your cashier. Choose exactly what you want, exactly how you want it, all at the touch of a button.

A Fun ‘50s Dining Experience
Corvette Diner 2965 Historic Decatur Rd.

This ‘50s themed diner combines great Americana food with a fun atmosphere for any occasion. The waiters sing and dance under the vibrant neon lights and photos of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and other classic celebrities. The milkshakes and French fries are my personal favorite.

The Best Rude Dive Bar in Town
Dick’s Last Resort 345 4th Ave.

This loud and raucous restaurant has good food, but what keeps people coming back are the waiters. For those who can take a joke, the waiters crack jokes, ask awkward questions and make you wear giant hats with hilarious messages on them. Just like Corvette Diner, its a good place for you and your friends to have a hilarious outing.

Under $30

Molten Cheese Makes Meals Better
The Melting Pot 901 5th Ave.

If you’ve never had fondue before – which I’m guessing many of you haven’t – let me be the first to tell you molten cheese and sauces make almost everything delicious. Dip savory chunks of steak, seafood and other meats into hot communal pots. The Melting Pot is best for a large group of friends to try together, or maybe a one-of-a-kind date.