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Five tips on finding a roommate

It is that time of year again when returning PLNU students must start thinking about next year’s housing. Between March 7 and 23 the housing application for the 2014-2015 school years will be available online. While picking a roommate and deciding where to live can be difficult, the process does not have to be a stressful one. Molly Petersen, the Resident Director of Finch Hall and Assistant Dierector of Housing offers advice for students taking part in this housing process. Here are five tips from Petersen on finding and keeping a great roommate.

1. “I’d advise [students] to just look for someone they can get along with. Students should discuss their boundaries before rooming together. Ask if the person likes it loud or quiet, if they can bring friends over or no.”

2. “What doesn’t usually work out is when people who were already friends in high school room together. They think that just because they like someone that they can stand to live together. What they don’t understand is that seeing someone every day and living with them is completely different from seeing them in class. It just doesn’t often work.”

3. “Talk about [conflicts] so that they can come to a conflict resolution. Practice active listening and use ‘I feel’ statements instead of ‘You did this’ statements. A resolution can be done with anything from putting your problems in writing to putting tape down the middle of the room and saying ‘You can be as messy as you want on your side, but keep it away from my side of the room.’”

4. Students should look for people who are flexible and who are able to talk through their differences with people. They’re the middle ground between those who stuff their feelings and those who explode. They can share what’s bothering them and have no problem doing so when conflict arises.”

5. “If you’re looking for a roommate for next year just talk to your friends and see if there’s anyone who you think you wouldn’t mind rooming with. And if you’re still having a hard time there will be a Housing Facebook page going up on March 7. Students can post on there that they’re looking for a roommate and where it is that they want to live on or off campus.”