A Study Playlist: Surf Edition

Photo by Katie Morris.

Attending university in San Diego is a bittersweet experience as surfing is a perfect pastime, and unfortunately a perfect distraction. Homework can be pushed aside in order to catch that perfect wave, creating a dilemma with finding motivation to complete homework and assignments.

For those who need that extra zhuzh to hit the books, here’s a playlist curated for the beach-loving and surf-yearning. Fully immerse yourself in the world of Real Estate, Beach House and Wild Nothing. All formed on the East Coast, these indie rock bands set a laid-back mood through mesmerizing and breezy melodies that create the perfect California vibe.

Layered with echoing vocals and acoustic strings, Eddie Vedder’s “Rise” and Beck’s “Blue Moon” provide an earthy tone to this playlist. Vedder’s reliance on ukulele is both soulful and poetic, while Beck’s inclusion of drums brings a heavier beat.

My favorite in this playlist is Bitter, by the British band Palace. The band is most known for their album “Life After” which dropped in 2019. Lead singer Leo Wyndham’s consoling voice and lyrics bring a sense of clarity with the chords of lead guitarist Rupert Turner.

These songs might keep the urges to surf at bay until midterms are over. Happy studying and listening!

April’s Song – Real Estate

Bitter (Acoustic) – Palace

Rise – Eddie Vedder

A Moment’s Grace – Boy & Bear

Silver Soul – Beach House

Golden – My Morning Jacket

Midnight Song – Wild Nothing

Hazy – Vulpix

Slomo – Slowdive

Blue Moon – Beck

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – Fleet Foxes

Milan – High Highs

Be Around – Jasper Bones

Chartreuse – Worn-Tin

Change Your Mind – CASTEBEAT

Bloodlines – Cape Francis

Patience – The Lumineers

Written By: Katie Morris