Author - Tony Le Calvez

A&E Editor


Otoboke Beaver: Silence and Submission

Japanese punk rock girl-band Otoboke Beaver stopped by San Diego and Orange County this weekend on their 2022 North American tour. I missed the chance to see...

A&E Review

Charlie Puth, What The Heck Is This?

Despite having been released only a week ago, Charlie Puth’s new album still feels late to the party. Charlie Puth’s newest, self-titled album “Charlie,” is...

A&E Review

Djo: Who Are You?

“Decide” is the newest album by actor/musician Joe Keery, popular for playing Steve Harrington on the Netflix show “Stranger Things.” Keery showed promise and...


Summer In Review: Albums Old and New

You can’t beat the summer weather in San Diego. Beautiful sunsets, a comfortable 82 degrees and the beach practically on your doorstep. A perfect time to sit...


Out of the Glovebox: “Stankonia”

Before she knew the alphabet, Stevie knew all the words of OutKast’s legendary album, “Stankonia.” Strapped into her carseat, plastic barrettes in her hair...