Author - Katie Morris

Staff writer


11/1 Crossword

Across: 5. Gomez’s other half 8. A fruit that is harvested in the fall 10. Located in the Cuyamaca mountains, known for their pie 11. Sarah Jessica Parker...


10/04 Crossword

Clues Across 4. A papier-mâché container, typically made in the shape of a popular character, that is full of candy 5. A dog who helps solve mysteries (hint:...


9/20/23 Crossword

Across: 4. A brand of hipster shoes, boots and loafers that many PLNU students wear. 5. A vitamin-rich berry also called wolfberry. 7. A popular AI-powered...



Across 1. Don’t do this on tests! 4. Helps a kite fly 7. University of California (acronym) 9. The fourth whale that SeaWorld captured 11. Twitter’s (or X’s)...