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Tim Whetstone says goodbye to PLNU

This week PLNU announced that Tim Whetstone, the Director of Chaplain Ministries will be leaving his position at the end of this semester. While Whetstone served as the director he was much more than that to students playing an important role in their lives. From the spring break build to inviting students over, Whetstone has played a significant role on campus. The Point sat down with him to reflect on his time here and what the future looks like.

The Point: How long have you been with PLNU?

Tim Whetstone: So this is my fourth year here, seniors were freshman when I came.

TP: What first drove you to apply to PLNU?

Whetstone: There were several reasons but one of the main reasons is because of three main people who reached out to me. I didn’t even know the position was posted, but a really close friend encouraged me to apply. I did a lot of prayer and talking with my wife; we were in its Pittsburg at the time. And so I followed through and applied.

TP: Can you elaborate on one or two of your fondest memories here?

Whetstone: There are so many. One
 of them definitely is within the second week of working here, it was the spring break build. I met the students on the spring break build and two students on the trip who didn’t know each other got married last summer. I was privileged to officiate that wedding and be a part of their lives for the past four years.

But there are so many beautiful memories that I have: the NSLC conferences, the retreats, the traveling, the one on one conversations on sunset deck or watching the sunset, playing intramurals, or having students shocked that I would do that is fun and beautiful.

TP: What made you decide to leave?

Whetstone: I think in short just knowing the timing has come. I can’t elaborate anymore.

TP: Did anyone or anything play a crucial role in this decision?

Whetstone: I mean there are always people who play a role in that decision.

TP: What is your next step or plan?

Whetstone: No decision has been set. I am not sure what is next but I do know that it will be in ministry still in some form or capacity.

Right now my wife and I are both seeking new employment in different places and having several different conversations in regards to next steps.

Those are exciting. It is exciting to have those right now for both she and I.

Nothing has materialized yet but we are hopeful for the future. Most of the opportunities are on the west coast, so we won’t go far.

TP: Is there anything that you would like to leave the students with?

Whetstone: I preached on it yesterday with three things I hope to encourage you all and this place as an institution. They were that one, we can be children of God and that we are loved by God and that love is not for us to keep but to give away.

My final words is that we live into a new way of being, being loved and loving others. It is an immeasurable and unstoppable force that can change this world even if it is one relationship at this time. I would be so happy for PLNU to always be known as a place that is God centered, and other focused because of love.



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