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5 Best Dorm-Friendly Plants

Photo by Scott Webb via Pexels.

Whether you’re a seasoned plant-lover or simply need something living in your space when you feel dead inside, then you’ve come to the right place! The Point has compiled a list of  easy-to-care-for plant options for your relaxation purposes.

1. For the broke college student: Chinese Money Plant (Pilea)

The Chinese Money plant features saucer-like leaves and vibrant green stems. Traditionally, Chinese Money plants are known for bringing good fortune, prosperity, luck and achievement — all things a college student needs. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels.

Plant care: minimal

Light: indirect sunlight, keep near a window

Watering: every five days to a week

Soil: occasionally add soil food or houseplant fertilizer

Climate: place near other houseplants to create a humid microclimate

Where to buy: Botanica Home and Garden (Ocean Beach)

2. Best Friend Philodendron

Photo by Severin Candrian via Pexels.

Philodendron is your roommate turned best friend — this plant is reliable and always there. The philodendron’s glossy heart-shaped leaves make for cute room decor. They are one of the easiest plants to care for too. 

Plant care: barely there

Light: partial sunlight, keep near a window

Watering: water when topsoil and an inch below start to feel dry, DO NOT OVERWATER, mist leaves occasionally

Soil: occasionally add soil food or houseplant fertilizer

Climate: enjoys humidity

Where to buy: Pigment Point Loma (or just about anywhere)

3. For the art major: Red Oxalis

Photo by Susan Wilkinson via Unsplash.

Red oxalis has an eye-catching color with unique shamrock-like leaves. It’s perfect for the creative college students who need some natural inspiration. 

Plant care: minimal

Light: sunny

Watering: every four to five days

Soil: best left in a pot with a drainhole to avoid root rot

Climate: keep warm 

Where to buy: Walter Andersen Nursery (Ocean Beach) or Thistle Garden Floral Home

4. For chapel groupies: Prayer Plant (Maranta)

This is the perfect accessory for your quiet time! Water it in the morning before chapel. Fun fact: the prayer plant’s leaves turn up into each other at night, looking something like prayer hands…hence the name. 

Photo by Magali Merzougui via Unsplash.

Plant care: minimal

Light: bright atmosphere with indirect sunlight

Watering: every five days to a week

Soil: water evenly, plant in a pot with a drain hole 

Climate: keep very moist, you may need extra humidity for this plant. If needed, bring into the bathroom with you and take a steamy shower for your plant or run a humidifier. 

Where to buy: En Concordia on Cañon St.

5. For the lazy ones: baby cactus

POV: You can’t keep anything alive, let alone your motivation for school, and your mom buys you a plant. 

Photo by Scott Webb via Pexels.

Plant care: none

Light: indirect

Watering: every two weeks, can push it to three

Soil: it gets dry, don’t worry about it

Climate: humid

Where to buy: Trader Joe’s Liberty Station

By: Anna Carlson