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Shows Returning to Netflix In Time For Halloween

Fall has arrived and it brought along new seasons of fan-favorite shows, just in time for Halloween. Here’s a list of October Netflix and Hulu shows, both new and returning, fitting for an evening of thrill and terror.


  • Cleverman, Season 2, Oct. 1 (Netflix)


Taking place in the near future, creatures from ancient mythology, known as sub-humans, try to live among mankind as they battle to survive in a world that aims to silence, exploit and destroy them.


  • Suburra, Season 1, Oct. 6 (Netflix)


Based on true events surrounding the 2008 fight over land in a seaside town near Rome, this Italian crime drama tells the story of three petty crooks who fight for respect during a conspiracy that engulfs the country’s criminal underworld.


  • Mindhunter, Season 1, Oct. 13 (Netflix)


Based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, the American drama follows two agents in the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit as they set out to track down and dissect the minds of serial killers and rapists.


  • The Mist, Season 1, Oct. 24 (Netflix)


Based off the horror story by Stephen King, an eerie mist rolls into a small town and threatens the residents who fight to maintain their sanity and morality among the mist and its mysterious terrors.


  • Stranger Things, Season 2, Oct. 27 (Netflix)


Supernatural forces once again threaten a small town in Hawkins, Indiana as four young boys and their families, haunted and crippled by terrors of the past, prepare for another battle with the Upsidedown.


  • Ghosted, Season 1, Oct. 2 (Hulu)


In this television comedy, a skeptic security officer is abducted by the Bureau Underground and is forced to work with a library employee, who is a firm believer aliens, on unexplained and supernatural occurrences in Los Angeles, California.


  • Once Upon a Time, Season 7, Oct. 6 (Hulu)


With new and returning characters, another chapter begins and an old curse awakens as magical storybook characters come together in a world without magic to fight villains and rediscover family that was once lost.


  • Chance, Season 2, Oct. 11 (Hulu)


A forensic neuropsychiatrist, after attempting to save a woman from an abusive relationship, enters into a dangerous and violent world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness.


  • Freakish, Season 2, Oct. 18 (Hulu)


After their fellow townsfolk suffer catastrophic side effects from a chemical plant explosion, a group of high school kids find themselves in battle against predatory mutants who have taken over their town.


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