Finally Fall: A Watchlist for the Perfect Fall Vibe

As we’re all finally settling into the school year and the first week of fall is upon us, living in sunny San Diego can often feel like it is summer year round. To help get into the fall spirit, there are countless different T.V. shows and movies that encapsulate the autumn aesthetic.

The first two on the Fall Watchlist are “Ten Things I Hate About You” and “Gilmore Girls.”

“Ten Things I Hate About You” is a 1999 romantic comedy directed by Gil Junger. This film is the quintessential back-to-school movie about the different dating dynamics between the new student, the trouble maker, and two polar opposite sisters caught in between. When an unlikely couple is set up, power dynamics are put to the test.

“How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.”

Set in Tacoma, Washington, there’s never a lull in the film between the parties, the drama and Heath Ledger serenading Julia Stiles. “Ten Things I Hate About You” reflects the first day of school jitters, the romantic tension between classmates and the frustrations that come with being a student. 

Where to watch: Hulu, Disney+

Arguably the most perfect fall show is the seven season long dramedy “Gilmore Girls.” Running for seven years on The CW, it follows the lives of a mother-daughter duo as they navigate through their relationships with each other and the different obstacles they face living in a small town. 

“Gilmore Girls” is the first show that comes to mind when thinking of the fall season. It’s warm, comforting, calming and embodies the spirit of autumn. Even the fictional town of Stars Hollow has a special autumn flair. Much of the plot is centered around main character Rory and her school life. Not only does it check the box for good back to school shows, but between the colors, the costuming and the coffee, it checks the boxes for everything I love about fall.

Where to watch: Netflix, Philo

Written By: Madelyn Walthall