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Celebrating Creativity at The Emmys

The Emmys is the largest television awards ceremony in North America. Celebrities, producers and directors are ushered across a massive, bright red carpet as adoring fans, seated on bleachers, yell for their favorite celebrity. Hundreds of photographers flash pictures and media stations like E! News battle the crowds for interviews.

“Your eyes start watering from the lights and your cheeks start twitching from smiling for so long,” said Lindsay Vertullo, who attended the 2017 Primetime Emmys with her father, the executive producer of CBS’ The Amazing Race. Vertullo, a senior media communications major with an emphasis in production, has grown up in the entertainment industry. Having spent much of her childhood around creative storytellers, the Emmys means more to her than a night of glitz and glam.

The Point: Was it weird the first time you went to The Emmys?

Lindsay Vertullo: The first time…it’s a lot. It’s just a whole different world. It’s a culture shock a bit. You’re going a million miles an hour, there’s thousands of people everywhere. It’s really exciting. It’s like a big Great Gatsby party. This is my fourth time at the Emmys and I’ve also been to the Producer Guild Awards… So this is my fifth award season total.

TP: Have you gotten to make any connections during the times you attend?

LV: Definitely. I go with my dad as his date to support him, obviously, but to also network myself. I just think it’s important to show face and to continually show these people, “Hey, I’m in it and I’m going to be knocking at your door.” It’s not straight business when you’re at the dinners. It’s more like, “How are you? How’s the family?” and just catching up.

TP: What is one of your favorite people you’ve gotten to be around? Meet? Network with?

LV: Jerry Bruckheimer… He’s probably the most influential. He works with my dad. He’s done Top Gun, Pirates, The Lone Ranger, National Treasure… It’s funny though, it’s more of a friendship sort of thing with these guys. My dad has been a producer for twenty-plus years now, so I grew up around these people. Like, the creator of The Amazing Race, I have known him since I was five.

TP: Having grown up in the business, attending these ceremonies, did it heavily influence your wanting to be a producer?

LV: Ever since I was little, I’ve always been a hammy kid. I loved entertainment before I even really knew what it was my dad did for a living… It wasn’t really until I came to Loma and started working on different roles in production that I started to realize, “Hey, this producing thing kind of comes naturally.” But I’m not in entertainment because my dad is, it’s this deep passion and desire I have to just tell stories.

TP: As someone who wants to be a part of this business, what emotions go through you at this type of event?

LV: These events are so much fun and it’s a whirlwind. I just love it because it’s a celebration of imagination and creative people. I think we need that in the world. Story influences people and it inspires them so it’s honoring for me to be able to sit in a room with some of the most creative and influential people in entertainment. I just want to learn from all of them.

TP: Your dad has won many awards for his work on The Amazing Race. Did he win this year?

LV: He didn’t. I have never gotten to be there to see my dad win. So, I like to think of it as God’s way of being like, “Lindsay, you can’t experience that now. It’s going to be when you win.”



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