Q&A with Hozier Fan for Upcoming Tour in San Diego

Photo credit to Hozier’s Instagram (@hozier).

The Irish singer and songwriter, Hozier, has been producing music since his debut album was released in 2014. Now, nearly a decade later and with two studio albums and many singles and EPs, Hozier is going on his “Unreal Unearth Tour.”

On this world tour, the performer will be headlining 10 countries for a total of 51 concerts. One of these stops will be in our neck of the woods: Petco Park. 

Just a short drive off the peninsula into downtown San Diego, this ballpark often welcomes Point Loma Nazarene University students for baseball games, music events and other activities. But on Oct. 29, the stands of cheering Padres fans will be replaced with enthusiasts of this Irish gentle giant, as one of the last stops of Hozier’s tour. 

Although it is months away, one fan of the artist gives his view and expectations of the tour. Niklaus Erb, a second year software engineering student is just one of the soon-to-be attendees. 

Q: Is there anything specific that you are looking forward to in his show?

A:  I am just looking forward to the unique vibe of a Hozier concert. His music really resonates with most of his fans in a way that produces a very chill vibe to the concert…it’s just a group of people all entranced by his amazing vocals and incredible storytelling through his songs. 

Q: What makes Hozier’s music so appealing for you?

A: Hozier is a man of emotion and passion and he embeds those elements into each of his songs that elevate them to the next level. Each song’s chorus feels more like a dramatic plea rather than just a couple of catchy lyrics to repeat throughout the song. His voice is so incredibly powerful and full of so much heart and soul that you can’t help but get emotionally invested in each of his songs. You can really feel his love for making music through each of his songs and that is what makes a truly talented artist.

Q: What is one song of his that you hope makes the setlist?

A: I would love it if “Jackie and Wilson” made it into the setlist. It has been my favorite of his for a while. Like all of his other songs, not only are the lyrics incredibly poetic and tell such a great story, his vocals and musicality are just stunning. 

Q: Why is music so important to you? 

A: I grew up in a very musical family so it has been a part of my life since I can ever remember. Music has the ability to deeply affect our mental states and get us to reach so many different emotions. When I feel stressed, music can calm me down. When I feel sad, music can cheer me up. When I feel drained, music can re-energize me. When I don’t feel, music can make me feel. That’s what I think makes it so incredibly beautiful. To put it simply, music helps us appreciate life more. All good art does this, but I think music does it the best. 

Q: Do you think that his newest EP, “Eat Your Young” is a step in a different direction from his previous work, or does it round off his discography well?

A: I was extremely impressed with “Eat Your Young” when it dropped. I loved all three of the songs and thought it was a great build-off of his previous work. It was different, but not too different and was still very Hozier. 

Written By: Madelyn Walthall