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“Faith in Post-Traumatic Times”, The 2018 Wiley Lecture Series Starts Next Week

Dr. Shelly Rambo will be discussing “Faith in Post-Traumatic Times: Encountering Resurrection Wounds” during this year’s Wiley Lectures. Rambo is an Associate Professor of Theology at Boston University School of Theology, and her research and teaching interests focus on religious responses to suffering, trauma, and violence.

She will be giving four public talks on the topic of trauma in addition to a Brewed Awakening talk. These will take place Feb. 14-16 in Crill Performance Hall. She is also going to speak in chapel on Feb. 14.

Dr. Brad Kelle, PLNU theology professor, knew Rambo from graduate school and felt that her work is especially relevant this year.

“There’s a lot of traumatic experiences going on for people right now,” said Kelle. “When we think of trauma we typically think of war, but it’s broader than that. People are struggling to come to terms with new financial situations, immigration, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, all these things have these kind of traumatic experiences, even as a witness. These are just times of upheaval and trauma, so what does particularly the life and resurrection of Jesus have to say to living into those moments.”

Kelle said that those involved in choosing a lecturer try to select someone who would be “interesting to people in different subject areas.”

“Every year we try to make it as interdisciplinary as we can so that it touches as many different areas of study,” said Kelle. “And with that trying to show how it all can be related to theology and how we think about God and how we live in the world as God’s people.”

Qlehd Mernell Guiwa, sophomore Christian Studies major, said she went to the lectures last year and is planning on going this year.

“The reason [I’m going] being the lectures are about trauma,” said Guiwa, “and I would love to know more about the relationship of trauma and how to connect that with theology.”

Kelle said that extra credit is offered for attending a WIley Lecture for many religion classes as well.

The Wiley Lectures began in 1951 with talks given by H. Orton Wiley, professor of theology and former president of PLNU. The lecture series has continued annually in his honor and focuses on topics of relevance in Christian ministry with a Wesleyan perspective.


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