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Wellness Center presents ‘Killing Us Softly 4’

An advertisement splashed across the screen.

“I’d probably never be married if I hadn’t lost 49lbs.”

The Wellness Center hosted the screening of Jean Kilbourne’s documentary, “Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women,” in Colt Forum Feb. 17 revealing the exploitation of women in media.

These usually took the form of advertisements and commercials.

“This video brings to light the advertisement that is all around us,” said Sarah Villafane, junior psychology major who attended the event, via email. “We see it in magazines, movies, and on the internet. These images affect us and distort our views of beauty.”

About 30 people attended the event. Laurie S. Floren, senior clinician of the Wellness Center, hosted a panel consisting of Carrie Gunn, registered dietitian; Courtney Kelly, nurse practitioner; Varinia Peridon counselor and mcKensey Wise, PLNU’s ASB president. The panel answered questions and shared their personal insecurities which they in part attributed to the manipulation of women in media.

“My sophomore year here, I became hyper-aware of what I was eating and the way that I looked,” said Wise during the panel. “I felt insecurities junior-highers struggled with.”

After finally reaching her breaking point, Wise sought help.

“Even though this [situation] was such a bummer, it has opened the doors to encouraging conversations, deep friendships and a more intimate relationship with the Lord,” Wise said via email.

Although Wise has grown from her experience, she says the manipulation of women in the media is still present. Peridon told the audience to stay strong through the exploitation in the media.

“Do you feel like God makes mistakes?” Peridon asked the audience. “I like the quote that says, ‘Be you because everyone else is taken.'”

After the panel and discussion, Floren encouraged students to make a pledge about anything they wanted to work on.

Floren ended the panel discussion with prayer and a song encouraging people to love themselves for who they are.

Floren advises students to go to the Wellness Center should they need counseling and advice.

“Find someone you can trust and be brutally honest about what you’re going through, ask for help and turn to the Lord in prayer as often as possible,” said Wise.