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We Cannot Stay Silent

What a strange world we live in. People are ashamed that they want to save babies lives, yet others are public and proud about wanting to kill them. Some are ashamed that they believe in the sacredness of marriage, and others are proud that they have found a way around the plain teachings of the Bible that they claim to believe in. People are ashamed that they have hope for the president we elected, and others are proud to throw tantrums and complain about the blessed lives they are living.

When did things become so backward? When did we start praising those who break windows and throw punches then cursing those who respond with gentleness and respect? When did we start glorifying comedians who joke about ripping babies out of a woman’s body and condemning those who wish for anything but that to happen?

Why is everything about the conservative movement deemed to be “dangerous, sickening, stupid, and disgusting,” according to the left? I don’t know the answer—but I do know that as long as we give into the shame they want to put us through, things will only get worse.

It is time to accept our calling. To reject the claims of those trying to drown us in lies and deception. To use not only our words but our actions to prove why we will come out victorious.

We cannot stay silent. We cannot be afraid of what we will be called, because we will make a name for ourselves that is mightier than any pitiful word they try to pin on us. Staying silent is giving in, and we cannot give in any longer. Silence is communicating just as much as talking is. And what you communicate as you stay silent is detrimental to the ideals you believe in.

You are not alone. Your beliefs are valid, powerful and worthy of being heard. You may be yelled at, and you may be mocked, but our future generations will thank you, and the greater good is worth the temporary pain.

By: Corinna Willard, sophomore managerial organizational communication major.


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