San Diego: A Pescatarian’s Dreamland

By: Madelyn Walthall

From the Pacific to the plate- three seafood meals for any time of day

Sitting beautifully on the Pacific Ocean, San Diego has a plethora of docks, piers, harbors and freshwater lakes that lend themselves to an abundant seafood scene. There is no lack of restaurants when it comes to the county. Along the coast from north to south, countless restaurants serve an array of seafood. Whether you’re a sunny San Diego native or you are visiting these cities by the sea for the first time, here is a roundup of the best seafood meals to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Somewhere by the Sea: Sugar & Scribe

Located just a few miles from the coast of La Jolla is Sugar & Scribe, a local brunch spot owned and operated by Food Network Champion Maeve Rochford. Specializing in brunch and baked goods, their large brunch menu can satisfy all your cravings. From goat cheese and lemon curd crepes to a full Irish breakfast, there is something for everyone.

After a morning stroll past the sea lions at La Jolla Cove, head inland and take a seat under their faux wisteria-covered patio. What better to pair with your morning latte than their Kensington benedict; two poached eggs sitting atop a bed of arugula and Norwegian smoked salmon piled on two English muffins, smothered in hollandaise sauce and a dill creme fraiche? If you are a fan of lox in the morning, Sugar & Scribe is far from stingy in their portion sizes. The poached eggs are cooked to perfection, and the runny yolk adds to the mouthwatering messiness of the meal. On the side is a mini Creuset filled with your choice of homestyle potatoes or an arugula salad. 

An English staple perfected 5,000 miles away: Point Loma Fish Shop

Heading south to the small peninsula of Point Loma, there are seafood shops left and right. The very best of the bunch goes to Point Loma Fish Shop, which sits on the corner of Canon and Rosecrans, the main road in the neighborhood. Situated just a drive away from Sunset Cliffs, and across the street from Shelter Island, this shop serves a variety of fresh fish, crustaceans and oysters- a neighborhood favorite. 

One stand-out meal that is perfect for an afternoon bite is fish and chips. What makes this common dish a catch? The perfect, golden-brown fried batter. The never-stale, never-soggy crispy bite. The flavorful and tender cod. The garlic aioli and tartar sauce love-child. No malt vinegar is needed! If that didn’t convince you, take into consideration that these fish and chips still reign over all the others, even after a weekend of taste-testing in England. 

Point Loma Fish Shop is just one of three of the Fish Shop locations, all of which are in San Diego County. It is a casual, open-air restaurant that embraces the vibe of being on the ocean. With its iconic blue accents, sticky tables and TVs playing various sports games at all times, this is a local spot to get together with friends after an afternoon at the beach and enjoy some of Point Loma’s finest fish. 

Mangia mangia: Buona Forchetta

After an evening of roaming and shopping at Liberty Station, head over to Buona Forchetta, an Italian restaurant with five locations all across the county. Buona Forchetta is an Italian expression that is used for someone who gets joy from the art of eating. It is only fitting to experience this phenomenon at this restaurant. While they are known for their wood-fired pizzas, the pasta should not be overlooked. Originally launched by Fiorentino Matteo Cattaneo, these meals are authentically Italian — something that can’t be said for many other Italian restaurants in San Diego.  

For the seafood lover who wants to indulge in an authentic Roman meal, order the cacio e pepe con gamberi. The simple yet deliciously rich cacio e pepe paired with the juicy, sauteed shrimp is a meal that will transport you to Italy with just one bite. At the Liberty Station location, enjoy your meal on the terrazza or patio for some ambient lighting to enhance the experience. It is perfect for a date night, a dinner out with friends or even a lovely meal for one.