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Snapchat is one of the main ways people communicate directly through social media. Whether it’s a picture of their dog, a filter that makes them look like Santa, or a video of them parasailing, people are constantly snapping their lives away. It’s no wonder then that media and news outlets decided to get in on the fun through Snapchat’s Discover page, which offers a multitude of channels for Snapchatters to view. College students/millennials are known for being more snap-savvy than their older counterparts, so what Discover channels are the most popular among millennials and students at Point Loma Nazarene University?


BuzzFeed: By relying on familiar faces and easy-to-read material, BuzzFeed is the front runner of Snapchat Media. Baiting for clicks using faces like Ashley Perez, they keep their page updated with the newest and most savvy information. Whether you’re looking to take a silly-stupid poll or read about the latest Trump drama, BuzzFeed is the place to go.


Mashable: The social media blog-turned-tech page has been reeling in Snapchatters everywhere. Its website contains a more broad area of topics, but it’s Snapchat page zeroes in on new technology tips-and-tricks. Famous for their “App of the Day” segment, Mashable attracts those interested in learning more about the tech-savvy world.

Cosmopolitan: With its recognizable name, it’s no wonder Cosmopolitan made the top five. Offering engaging content, it’s first-person narrative pieces appeal to the relative side of those in the Snapchat world. Although it has a higher amount of ads, Cosmopolitan welcomes many viewers through its relationship guides and fashion advice as well.

Refinery29: With content ranging from fitness challenges to fashion, this media outlet has shown to be among the most popular. Refinery29 is a lifestyle-based, self-help type of Discover channel that is perfect to click through during the slower moments of the day. Whether you’re looking for today’s workout or this season’s best sweater look, Refinery29 is the place to go.


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