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The Playlists You Have Always Needed

This moment has been stamped in time. But, you’re stuck.

Shuffle. Skip. Scroll. Repeat. OVERPLAYED.

That “someone” in the car that yells, “Who put this on?” over the song you had just confidently clicked on seconds before— stamped.

Music helps mold moments in time.

We asked one question from a pool of PLNU students: “What is your favorite song?”

Out of all of the situations that take place throughout the day and week, there were plenty of songs that popped through all of our heads. Where were we when we first heard this song and why is it so important for us?

With these suggestions, The Point has curated a few playlists of student’s favorite tracks to listen to during the different parts of the week.

From artists in R&B to the Classical composers, the wide range of students did not hold back on sharing their best ideas for what makes their school week a bit more manageable.

These songs are for the artists we want to blare through the car speakers on the nicest day of the week. This is for the “go-to” song when in need of just a few moments of relaxation. The ‘I am ready to cram a ten page research paper in one night’ sort of track. These playlists were made by you, for you. They are here to add with what you do on the daily, but with the help of a better ambience.

Not only are all of these songs worth the listen, but they are most definitely worth the time stamp.


“With the Windows Rolled Down” Playlist

Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root

Lucy – Still Woozy (ft. ODIE)

If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix

This Must Be The Place – Sure Sure

Half Mast – Empire of the Sun

City Club – The Growlers

St. Croix – Family of the Year


“You Just Need to Relax” Playlist

Saffron – MF DOOM

Hold On – The Internet

You Said – Olmos

Good Morning – Ralph Castelli

Indelible – Oddfish

Hiccup – Verzache

Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife (ft. Xavier Omär) – Sango

Kyoto – Tonez&Re-C


Study “Cramming” Playlist:

Clair de Lune, L.32 – Claude Debussy

Coffee Shop Jazz- Morning Coffee (Spotify Playlist)

Disney Pixar’s “UP” Soundtrack

Space-Themed Classical Music (Spotify Playlist)

Without Words: Synesthesia – Bethel Music (Album)

Casual Encounters – James Tillman

For the Love of Freedom – Marcus Miller


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