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If T-Swift’s New Song Titles Were Honest

I picked up an album called Reputation by this artist named Taylor Swift. Even though she has the exact same name as the 2006 country sweetheart that released her first album, Taylor Swift, I’m pretty sure that this is not the same artist. I mean how does one go from singing soft and sweet country songs about innocent teen loves to singing petty and attacking pop songs about other singers? But in any case, I decided to give this new album a new name, along with new song titles.

Taylor Swift’s Version My Version
Reputation Petty Songs Written about every Person that Slightly Pissed Me Off
…Ready for It? I’m Just Trying to Make All of My Exes Jealous of My Fantasies about this Other Man
End Game I don’t Want You to end up Like All of my Other Exes
I DID SOMETHING BAD Liars, and Playboys, and Snakes. Oh My!
Don’t Blame Me Blame it on the Drugs…I mean… My Exes
Delicate Awe a Love Song About My New Boy!
LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO I’m Making a List, I’m Checking it Twice, I’m gonna Find out Who’s Naughty and Nice, I’m a Snake and I’m Comin’ For You.
SO IT GOES… I’ll be Your Bad Girl BB
Gorgeous Sorry Tom, he’s Just Hotter than you
GETAWAY CAR Just Keep Driving Tom
KING OF MY HEART Awe… another Love Song about My New Boy…
DANCING WITH OUR HANDS TIED BDSM? But that Damn Social Media…That’s what Drove us Apart.
Dress D.R.E.S.S: Definitely an R-Rated Explicit Sexy Song
THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS This is why Kanye Sucks so Much
CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT I Call Him Joe (And Not Jonas)
New Year’s Day New Year’s Resolution: Hold On to this One


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