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Students stuck on housing wait list

Residential Life is still trying to place 47 students in on campus housing.

After this year’s housing selection process took place, ending April 16, some students were forced to choose go off campus when they signed up to live on campus.

Residential Life is still working to place these 47 students who are on the wait list to get on campus. These students might have to move off campus or choose the option to live in Days Hotel in Mission Valley.

“We saw more seniors wanting to live on campus, and an average number of juniors requesting off campus,” said Molly Petersen, assistant director of housing. “All off campus requests were approved this year.”

There were 245 students who requested to live off campus. Many students who initially wanted to be on campus but who received off-campus placement are not very happy with their situation.

“Either let seniors choose first or have more options of living,” said Senior Callie Salmon via email. “It’s just very inconvenient for PLNU housing to do this to seniors.”

When Salmon signed in to get her housing placement, she found that there were no other options left on campus or in Colony so her choices were to live in Days Hotel, which she was opposed to, or to live off campus.

“I didn’t want to live off campus, but now that I am, I’m ok with it,” said Salmon. “But now I’m stressing out trying to find a good apartment complex.”

One of the biggest problems that upperclassmen had with the process was that classes below them got to choose before they did. Juniors were allowed to choose before seniors therefore leaving limited space for seniors to live in Flex.

As of last week, 21 students have signed up for the Days Hotel option.

“We are actively working daily to get as many of the 47 students who would like to be on campus a spot on campus,” said Petersen. “We would love to be able to accommodate everyone.”

Residential Life will be working with these numbers to get as many people accommodated as possible and will continue to work through the summer on this issue.