Senior Reflection Series: Josh Lam

I cannot believe how quickly my time here at Loma has gone. To think I am going to be graduating in a few weeks is unbelievable. When I was first looking at colleges, Point Loma was not even on my radar. I did not believe that the quality of the education or experiences at a Christian school would be very good.

However, when I was visiting colleges in San Diego, my Mom decided to take me to Point Loma. Luckily, a tour was about to start when we arrived. By the time the tour was over I knew this was where God wanted me to go.

It quickly became apparent my freshman year how ignorant and wrong I was about what I would receive here. Looking back over these past four years, I could not have asked for better experiences or education at Loma. Do not underestimate what you can gain here because there is a lot that this place offers us. I personally have gained more than I could ever have imagined and feel blessed to have attended Point Loma.

The relationships that I have made would be the highlight of my time here. From a tremendous roommate, Josh Burgner, to the ladies in 46F and to everyone I have lived with, I know that I have made some life-long friends. They have become like family and have always been there for me. One of the greatest pieces of advice I received here was to find a mentor.

I have been honored the past two years to have Tim Hall walk through life with me. He has helped guide me both mentally and spiritually which has made a huge impact on my life. Cultivate your relationships here because you never know what you might be missing.

Last semester at Bobby B’s I had a friend ask me what I would miss about Loma. At the time I did not have a good answer for her. Now that it has hit me that I am graduating and will be leaving this place, I have realized how much I will miss.

There are many incredible memories to reflect on from these past four years. Cherish your time here as graduation will come quicker than you might think. Take advantage of the community and opportunities that are available because Loma truly is a unique and special place.

Lam is a computer science major and enjoys playing the piano and intramurals. At PLNU, he has been involved in the microfinance club, gospel choir and the eSports club. Starting this summer, he will begin working full time as a software engineer.


(Pictured with seniors Joshua Burgner and Alie Redmond and juniors Emily Beard and Ashley Howell. (Lam is on the far right)


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