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13 things every black person at Loma thinks

The best thing about college is that there is a diverse group of people and everyone can learn a thing a two from each other. However with diversity comes a bit of culture shock. So here are 13 things every black person at PLNU has probably thought during their time here.

  1. I prefer the term African American instead of black, thanks.
  2. But I can call you white.
  3. But if you call me black, you’re racist.
  4. Yes there are only 20 of us, no need to point it out.
  5. If you’re black we’re automatically BFF’s.
  6. Why does everyone wear sandals?
  7. And why can’t I wear socks with my sandals?
  8. Yes, I’m a part of BSU, but I don’t attend regularly.
  9. I actually prefer pizza over chicken at the Caf to be honest.
  10. Yes, I can get my hair wet when I go to the beach, if I go the beach.
  11. Yes I can swim; I just don’t like the beach.
  12. But when I do go, I don’t need sunscreen so stop asking.
  13. If this were written by a white person, it would be racist.