Senior Reflection Series: Jordan Reader

I remember moving into Young Hall, back when it was a bunch of guys yelling and running around half naked, and my RA telling me all the rules and then handing over that golden key that unlocked a whole new freedom. I remember thinking yeah, Point Loma, land of the beautiful women and where I’m finally going to get a girlfriend.

Three weeks left and that dream is still a work in progress… Shucks, life is still a work in progress for us all. I remember feeling on cloud nine as all the cogs seemed to be fitting together and then getting a phone call the next day that one of my closest friend’s mom was gone, realizing that I had no clue what was coming in life.

We hear community thrown around here left and right, but for some of us we feel like everyone else may have that community, but we’re not really a part of it. I’ve had those days when it feels like everyone is just walking by on a sidewalk and I’m stuck behind a glass pane, watching as the daylight fades.

That’s the point where I realized we’re all a little lost and most of us are trying to believe we’ve got it all together. But when I finally realized that my friend is wearing the same mask that I wear, I understood that we could take it off and embrace the real body of Christ, something that takes a lot of effort at times.

Yeah, there have been a lot of good laughs and you can ask me about that anytime, but I hope I leave Loma knowing that it’s a place that we see as real, because in reality there are a lot of good things here and even more to come.

Reader is a bio-chem major. He enjoys long runs on the beach, sunsets from airplanes, free dinners (feel free to ask) and being in the mountains. He may be a bit awkward but he loves to get to know new people.