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Q&A: Loma After Dark

Lauren Cazares, junior double major in political science and communication, plays a large role in the new Friday night events they call Loma After Dark.

Q: What role do you play in Loma After Dark?

A: I am the program director for Loma After Dark, but I’m also the event coordinator and I run all the social media. I came up with all the events for the semester with some input from students and faculty.

Q: How do you feel the opening night of Loma After Dark went?

A: I felt like our karaoke kick off went really well! I was really shocked by the amount of people that came. I was expecting about 30 or 40 people, but we had over 300 come and go throughout the night, which was really surprising. The Point Loma wi-fi didn’t help us out too much, but I think it went really well and was a really exciting environment

Q: What role do you see Loma After Dark taking this semester?

I see Loma After Dark becoming a fun, new, and exciting series of events that are welcoming to all students on campus and is a great option for a student’s ever-changing Friday night plans.



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