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Creating Healthy Back to School Habits

  1. It’s tempting to chug coffee and energy drinks while in college, but moderation with caffeine is key, especially if you want to get enough sleep (an all-important factor to your health!).
  2. When it comes to the caf, seek a balanced plate. Focus on fruits, veggies and lean protein.
  3. Feeling the stress? Instead of eating mindlessly or watching even more Netflix to cover the stress, try going for a walk, attending an intramural yoga class or reading a non-school related book to give your brain a break.
  4. If you need to talk to someone about stress, or anything else going on in your life, make sure you reach out. PLNU’s Wellness Center offers free counseling for students, which “are designed to help students manage immediate problems and provide short-term therapy,” according to their website.
  5. Make it easy to eat right by stocking your dorm fridge with healthy snacks that you look forward to eating.
  6. It’s easy to skip exercise when academic and social calendars fill up, however carving out 30 minutes to move is a great way to keep your day on a healthy track. Find a fitness buddy to keep you accountable, or download an app that will get you moving with workout suggestions and videos.


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