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Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee attends fundraiser at PLNU

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visited PLNU for a fundraising dinner on Friday night. Huckabee and members of his campaign team were invited to the private dinner hosted by former congressman Duncan Hunter Sr. who rented out the Presidents Dining Room in Nicholson Commons.

“We wanted San Diego folks to get to be able to get to know Mike and support him,” Said Hunter, who hosted the dinner as a fundraiser for Huckabee’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“There’s just lots of us that appreciate him, and support him, and we hope that he makes it,” the former San Diego representative said.

According to PLNU’s Director of Public Affairs, Jill Monroe, the event was for Huckabee’s campaign team and donors prior to a campaign event happening on Saturday.

“He’s in town to speak at an event in the Orange County area tomorrow night,” said Monroe, “they had a local family and a former congressmen – Duncan Hunter who’s represented San Diego’s east county area – wanted to host a fundraiser for him in the area.”

Huckabee is in Southern California to tour the U.S. and Mexico border.

Hunter reached out to the university for the space following the suggestion of a family he knew with a student that attends PLNU.

“One of our parents, of a current student, introduced the idea of them renting space here on campus, for this event, and so the space happened to be available, so it all worked out,” said Joe Watkins, the vice president of external relations at PLNU.

“They’re going to do a border tour tomorrow,” Watkins said.

“It’s a rental event, there’s no advocacy in this or anything,” said Watkins, regarding the school’s hosting of the event, “We rent facilities to a lot of groups and organizations across the U.S.”


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