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Point Loma Fashion: Designer vs. Thrited

“You know when people tell you “Oh yeah I literally roll out of bed and go to class in pajamas?” says Katie Holder, a freshman childhood and adolescent development major.  “Well, that’s not usually the case for students here at Point Loma.”

A Google Form surveyed 40 Point Loma students regarding fashion on campus. So, here is a breakdown of Point Loma’s favorite trends and brands:

90 percent of students felt that Point Loma is more fashionable than other colleges. Freshman graphic design major, Holland Keller says, “When I visited my friends at GCU, I saw that mostly everyone was wearing sweats and baggy clothes to class. This made me realize just how fashionable Loma actually is.”

When it comes to looking good for class, almost 85 percent of  Point Loma students admitted to wanting to look nice when heading to class. This explains why a large majority of students here tend to look put together and fashionable when walking on caf lane on their way to class.

Regarding high-end brands on campus, about 40 percent of students said they owned designer products. Meaning, the other 60 percent saying they didn’t wear high-end brands. Concerning high fashion at Point Loma, about 30 percent of students said they didn’t favor a specific high-end brand. The majority of those who specified their favorite said that they prefer Gucci (about 16 percent). The remaining 54 percent was scattered along different brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Off-White and Chanel.

Instead of wearing high fashion, Melissa Harrell, freshman visual art major prefers “thrifting” her clothes. According to Definitions.net, thrifting is defined as shopping for cheap items at flea markets, consignment stores and garage sales.

“I wear at least one thrifted item a day,” Harrell says. “I’d say a good 3/4 of my wardrobe is thrifted.”

A freshman communications major, Presley Olivas says “We are single-handedly keeping buffalo exchange afloat.” Buffalo Exchange is a resale retailer that has two San Diego locations, Pacific Beach and Hillcrest.

Katie Holder says “Whether the outfit is thrifted, designer or a mixture of both, Point Loma students will always look good.”


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