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PLNU student breaks into modeling

Juggling school work and her passion for modeling Nyawech Jock, a senior at PLNU, has a full schedule.

She was seen walking down the runway at Fashion Week San Diego, a yearly entertainment fashion event held downtown to celebrate emerging designers that took place the week of September 30.

Jock has lived in the United States since the age of one after moving from Ethiopia and is now beginning her modeling career. The Point Weekly interviewed her via email to see how her modeling career began and where it is going.

The Point Weekly: At what age did you begin modeling?

Nyawech Jock: I modeled for the PLNU fashion show (an annual event sponsored by ASB every spring) for two years and that was fun. I only wore one piece for each show so there was no crazy speed changing. We also did our own hair and makeup and walking the runway was more fun and relaxed. San Diego Fashion Week was my first real modeling experience so we can say I’ve just started.

PW: What interested you in becoming a model?

NJ: Getting to dress up and getting professional hair and make up is always fun! You also get to meet so many different people.

PW: What types of modeling do you do?

NJ: I’ve only ever done runway modeling.

PW: How did you get to be a part of Fashion Week San Diego?

NJ: I attended an open casting call back in March where they had me fill out an application as well as do a little runway walk in front of a panel. They told me at the end of my audition that I would be walking in Fashion Week San Diego.

PW: How was your experience at Fashion Week San Diego?

NJ: I walked for a couple designers and had to do a little speed changing, and sported some funky hair and makeup which was done by professionals. Because that was an event where many industry professionals were present, I had to be a little more serious and professional. But it was still really fun and enjoyable.

PW: What has been your best modeling experience so far?

NJ: All of my experiences have been so different but I would have to say that walking in the Fashion Week San Diego runway shows is my favorite so far.

PW: How do you juggle modeling, school, and other activities that you are involved in?

NJ: It’s not easy juggling it all. School and all that comes with it is a 24 hour job seven days a week. That’s my first focus. Modeling is fun and can easily become a full time job but for now, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” I try and fit it in when I can.

PW: Has modeling been a lifelong dream of yours?

NJ: I couldn’t say it has been a lifelong dream but it is something that has definitely sparked an interest in me from a young age.

PW: How has modeling made an impact your life?

NJ: One way it’s impacted my life is in the social aspect. There are just so many different people you get to work with, the nice, the mean, and the in between, they all bring different experiences each time.

PW: How have you worked to get to where you are at in your modeling career now?

NJ: The whole industry is about who you know so basically just putting myself out there, and putting my best foot forward while I’m at it. Getting my name and face out there is what’s going to keep me moving and get me to the places I want to be.