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Love Study Lounge to become Love Art Gallery

Love Study Lounge has closed its doors for reconstruction and now promises “Coming soon: Love Art Gallery.”

The transformation, headed by Nicholson Commons and the Art Department, includes rearrangement of furniture, fresh paint on the walls, and new artwork to be displayed.

Director of Nicholson Commons, Milton Karahadian, has wanted to have an art gallery in Nicholson Commons for about four years.

“I believe students can use a space on campus to display their art work, which looks really great on resumes. The gallery will serve as more than just a nice display, but a way for budding artists to showcase their talents in a professional manner,” Karahadian said.

Assistant Professor of Art and Design and one of the main coordinators involved in the new gallery, Lael Corbin applauded Karahadian, ASB, and Russell Wood for their roles in this project.

“Milton, the ASB, and Russ Wood have provided a beautiful space. Milton has always been a strong advocate for art throughout the whole building,” said Corbin.

Love Art Gallery would showcase student art work, but also apply functionality to the space by maintaining a study area within the gallery. Karahadian said that this space gives the campus a sense of liveliness.

“Student art brings a needed vibrancy to the campus, and there currently aren’t enough places on campus to create this life. My goal was to provide a place where culture could thrive and exude our student talents,” said Karahadian.

One art education student, senior Lexxi Kerr, said the new art gallery is a good addition to Nicholson Commons and a good way to expand the presence of the art department on campus, despite the slow progress in opening.

“I think the whole idea is cool, since the photos that used to be in there were really horrible,” Kerr said.

Once a month, the art gallery will hold student showcases for extra public exposure. This project has been in progress for several months, but Karahadian said sooner rather than later.

“I hope to have the Love Art Gallery open by next month based on how much more remodeling needs to be done,” said Karahadian.

The Art Department has wanted to expand its gallery into other areas on campus, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Corbin said that he hopes that this gallery will be the beginning of conversation on art.

“It would be wonderful if someday a stop to get a coffee at Bobby B’s starts to include a ‘Hey lets go see what’s going on in the gallery,’” said Corbin.