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Overalls, vests, and cowboy boots. Oh my!

Point Loma Nazarene University may be small but it’s big on style.

Walking down Caf lane on any given day, it is evident that PLNU students have a good fashion sense. There is a great mix of surf style, vintage flair and unconventional outfits. Students here are aware and even ahead of many of the world’s most popular fashion trends, so as fall is approaching and the weather is cooling down to its ever-steady 70 degrees, it is time for a fall fashion lookbook. 

Second-year journalism and women’s studies double major Reyna Huff has a very clear personal style. She draws inspiration from both her friends and TV shows, adding her own spin to whatever she finds attention-grabbing. Huff describes her fashion sense as a collection of thrift store finds. Her tip for getting good vintage finds while thrifting is to note what is a standout piece itself, then look for the pieces with potential, and build an outfit from there.

For fall fashion predictions, Huff assumes that mini Uggs and vests will be booming back into popularity.

“I adore vests. Leather, denim, puffer, sweater vests, anything goes,” said Huff.

Second-year marketing major, William Freds, also has a unique fashion sense. His style is mainly inspired from different forms of social media, namely Pinterest and Instagram influencers. While media plays a part in how he dresses, Freds says that location can be a factor in evolving personal style.

“Going to a school on the beach [has] also shown me how popular the surf/beach style is in southern California,” said Freds.

Freds’ personal style has a little bit of everything. From streetwear to surf wear to bloke core (90’s Pub-style inspired clothing), his style is never dull.

The changing season also marks the changing fashion styles. Freds’ fall predictions include loose pants paired with chunky boots. The mix of gorp core (outdoors-inspired clothing), granola aesthetic (hiking-inspired style) and Scandinavian style (oversized knitwear) are an autumn match made in heaven for Freds.

Madi Grinde, fourth-year graphic design major, describes her personal style as “retro spring.” She can be seen wearing lots of thrifted finds, with a heavy emphasis on patterns influenced by the 1960s and 1970s. The warm colors of these eras mix well with her two favorite fall fashion staples, which add a bit of modern personality to a retro outfit. 

“My go-to 90’s English brown beveled Doc Martens; they pair nicely with any outfit,” said Grinde, “Secondly, any striped long sleeve to layer beneath sweaters, jackets, tees, anything really. One of my favorite things about fall fashion is layering.”

Grinde’s favorite thing about fall is the unlimited ways to layer clothing. Specific fall fashion trends that she is expecting to see more of this autumn include vests and lots of corduroy.

 “I think puffy vests or knitted vests are going to be very ‘in’ this fall,” said Grinde, “I also think thick ribbed corduroy will be in.”

With so many different aesthetics, thrift finds, and ways to style pieces, there are a plethora of ways for students at PLNU to stand out this fall with fashion.

Written By: Madelyn Walthall


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