People of Sunset Cliffs: Steve & Jan

“People of Sunset Cliffs” is a column drawing inspiration from “Humans of New York” (@humansofny) that is dedicated to talking to someone new every week on Sunset Cliffs in an effort to be present to the people around me. In this edition, you will be hearing from Steve and Jan, husband and wife LDS missionaries from Ogdon, Utah. 

What brought you two to San Diego?

Steve: We’re missionaries for the Church of Latter-Day Saints and our assignment is to work with members, help out, and serve our biggest areas for service. We serve a lot of places such as food banks and homeless shelters here in San Diego. We’ve been here for five months and we have another year to go!

What brought you to Sunset Cliffs?

Jan: We’re here tonight because our family came to visit us from Utah and so they wanted to come see a sunset, and what better a place to go than here!

What is your favorite part of San Diego?

Steve: The people. They’re amazing. Everyone is so friendly, and not to mention the weather.

Jan: It’s just so beautiful out here. We like that there’s not as many mosquitos. That is a big plus!

What are your hobbies back home?

Jan: Well, in Utah we have big mountains so we love to hike, fish, off-road, and basically anything that has to do with the outdoors. 

What is a saying that you think everyone should hear?

Jan: We know that true happiness comes through service to others. If you’re ever feeling down or lonely, go out and serve somebody. It’s going to improve your life.

Steve: I put all my faith into Jesus Christ and he carries me. I wish that upon everyone. 

What is a piece of advice that you would give to college students?

Jan: Enjoy the journey. When you finish school and you’re out in the world and in the workforce, you look fondly back on your time in college.

Steve: Don’t worry about what other people say, do what YOU want to do. It’s your life!

The following is a compilation of Steve and Jan’s interview responses about Christian faith and advice they would give to college students.

Written By: Christopher Broze

Audio Compilation Created By: Clara Wilks