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Justice League: Affleck Was Right

Long before Justice League hit the big screen, Ben Affleck was tied down to play the Caped Crusader. Our one and only Batman. Around this time, rumors circulated that Affleck underwent negotiations to remove himself from the project. It is said that once he read the script he knew from that singular manuscript the movie would be a complete travesty. As it turns out, he was right.

From the start the film sets a tone that is akin to cheddar. Its cheesy. The curtains open with a grainy handheld video of Superman (Henry Cavill) giving generic heroic one liners to a few small children doing what children do by asking questions. Then totally without precedent, the scene jumps to Ben Affleck’s Batman recreating a scene that is painstakingly familiar to CollegeHumor’s YouTube skit, Batman Chooses His Voice. Zack Snyder may have been trying to create a respectable franchise to rival Marvel’s Avengers, it’s just too bad he created a comedy instead.

It was comedic, and for all the wrong reasons. The cheesy one liners were all too prevalent. In a comic book, they may have had a place but in theatres it was a wreck. What were the producers thinking?! This is quite possibly the worst script I have ever witnessed in a major blockbuster movie. Phrases like, “Is this guy still bothering you?” or, “I’m a big fan of justice!” I mean did we get this movie script straight out of a 1985 comic book or was this just bad cinematic professionalism?

After failing once, the DCU team thought it would be a good idea to bring director Zack Snyder back for another go as if they didn’t learn their lesson the first time. In Justice League, he did what he does best: jam-packed the movie with unnecessary slow motion and over-extravagant showmanship/flare making the movie confusing as well as tasteless (not to even mention the CGI).

Specifically, one scene within the film stands as an exemplifier for its tackiness and helps to set the theme for those readers who have not yet seen the movie. At the end of the picture, once the evil was vanquished and the destruction was stopped, our five heroes stand together as the sun breaches the clouds casting a glow over the land. As if this wasn’t cheesy enough, all the destruction and chaos that previously ravaged the land slowly covered in greenery and flowers. Flowers… You have to be joking me.

Don’t go see this movie.


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