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How Recognizing your Strengths and Weaknesses Can Help You While in College

With attending college, it’s an ideal time to learn and grow from different academic or even life experiences. This article is here to encourage you to know that everyone has something they are really good or not the best at, and finding out your strengths and weaknesses can lead to success. Knowing more about yourself can help guide you into a future career.  

The first step to knowing your strengths and weaknesses is identifying them. According to the website Leader Economics, “Your biggest personal strength would be something that comes very easily for you. Take some time and think about what comes naturally for you. It could be anything.” This could be anything you have ever tried that has come relatively easy for you, pointing to an innate ability. Of course, the weakness would be the complete opposite: the things that would take a lot of effort to build as a skill.

Now that you know your strengths and weaknesses, you will need to focus on your strengths. Recognize what you can bring to to table if you are working on a group project. Your strength may be that you are great at presentations and can easily take the lead in presenting your project, or you are able to come up the main topics to be discussed. Either way, every person in a group needs to fit together with their strengths like puzzle pieces. For me, knowing my strengths and weakness has lead me to not be afraid of asking for help from anyone who would be able to better handle a task, but I also speak up when I am well skilled at a certain situation.

Remember this doesn’t mean that you should compare yourself to others, because everyone has a unique quality to their skill set. Someone might be able to perform a particular task, but it doesn’t mean they are better or that your bad at it, it’s just they have a different way of performing that task that might not have been the way you would have done it. Just know to focus on your strengths because someone may need your help and they will know you can be there for them.



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